Military Drones and development of military technologies


marts 6, 2024    
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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Wednesday 6. March 16:30
Alsion, U109
( main entrance, go left past the concert hall, into next building, teaching room facing the railway)
Deadline: Sunday 3. March.
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Title: “Military Drones and development of military technologies”

First presentation:

Drone technology has seen a tremendous increase in its use in all domains, and it is now ubiquitous on the battlefield. How does the technology work, how are drones used? What are the technological means to counter them? What are the implications for our society? What can we expect for the future in terms of developments?

Jerome Jouffroy, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, is heading the Drone Mechatronics group from the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. His current interest includes autonomous systems, defense technology and counter-drone systems


Second presentation:

“Military vs. non-military development in the air domain”
Henrik and Daniel from Saab Danmark will elaborate on their experience on doing systems and in particular software development in the air domain – that is VCS (Voice Communication Systems) – for military and Air Traffic Services (ATS)
What are the differences and commonalities between doing military and ATS development?
Will it affect the software development lifecycle?
What drives the architecture?
Highlights from the ED-153 as the umbrella specification for other specifications, like the ED-109.
A practical approach to navigate and fulfil the objectives within the specifications and how to provide evidence that we actually did it.

Henrik Gøttig: Product Architect for the VCS and holding an AP in computer science from Sønderborg. His current interests covers making processes work in practice and still being able adapt to changes in an agile manner
Daniel Bjørnskov Høyer: Software Architect in the VCS development. Been on the VCS product development from the very first start and is also the prime coordinator of ED-109 development activities.


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