Visual Programming of Industrial Controllers and Linear Actuators


marts 30, 2023    
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm


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Part 1

This presentation presents the current state of research on the topic of visual programming languages and how this might be used to bridge the gap between domain specific knowledge (such as HVAC), held by domain experts, and the platform/device specific knowledge needed to implement an application on a given device.

The presentation will primarily concern itself with what visual languages are, how they are categorized, the documented results of using them and how they relate to the current approaches for industrial programming such as the PLC languages.

Jonas A. L. Andersen, Embedded Software Engineer at Bitzer Electronics.
Mechatronics MSc in Engineering, Embedded Systems

Part 2

The LINAK Application Scripting project aims to develop a system that allows users to create and run scripts for LINAK actuators. The options for various block-programming graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and script integration engines will be presented. The goal of the project is to enable LINAK to select and integrate the most suitable technology for its applications. A prototype of a system will be presented that allows users to drag code blocks together to create a script, which can then be downloaded and run on the actuator. Specific goals include the ability to toggle an LED and control GPIO with user-generated scripts, as well as the ability to
run the actuator using user-generated scripts.

Massera Alqes, Development Engineer R&D at Linak.
Mechatronics BEng, Embedded Systems.

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